Lauren Wolkstein

  • Lauren Wolkstein gets her kicks regularly by howling into a karaoke microphone at Montero’s, where she’s known for her insistence on a mostly-Stevie Nicks catalogue while emanating a very Patti Smith-vibe. She seems to have a closet of unending blazers which befits the fact that she is also a professor of Film and Media Arts at Temple University. It’s part of the reason that she was partnered with Gucci to recreate the heyday of the Chelsea Hotel lovers scene. Lauren’s dreamy-doer quality anchors the tone of her award-winning short films. Cigarette Candy, Lauren’s first film which won Best Narrative Film at 2010’s SXSW Film Festival, posits a young man in the uncomfortable role of “hero” after he returns home from the Marines. There’s something singular about her vision, something Sam Shepard-y in its literate darkness. Her characters are approachable and identifiable but hidden a little bit behind the veil. Lauren’s always on the move--maybe that’s why her phone is usually dead and she’s an excellent napper. Next she’ll be collaborating with a group of filmmakers to adapt each other’s dreams in the online series collective: unconscious.
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