Stacey Foster

  • Stacey Foster has a thing for perfectly sharpened pencils. There is always a neat pile on her edit desk which she uses to transcribe every single interview she’s ever reviewed. By hand! Maybe it’s the old-timey feel of lead on paper or a connection to her engineering past but there’s something about that technique that sets her apart from other editors: her insistence on work that feels hand-crafted. Her geeky tech leanings and her love of documentaries overruled her desire to be on Saturday Night Live. Nowadays she’s constantly editing away at her keyboard for clients like Burt’s Bees, GQ Magazine and the Hospital for Special Surgery. As Isabella Rossellini’s go-to editor, Stacey has also had the opportunity to edit a whole slew of videos about animals and bugs having sex. Oh, and she is obsessed with whales. And The Cove documentary. And American Movie. So if you are looking to make a documentary about the making of a film about whales, then look no further: Stacey Foster is your gal.
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