Jody Shapiro

  • Jody Shapiro has been to Mars and he has an official NASA patch to prove it. He’s also slept in an igloo at the North Pole and one year, he traveled to every continent on the planet sans Antarctica. (Hey, give him a break! Remember the Mars thing?) His journeys abroad--and surely his ability to read a map--helped shape his first feature documentary film, How to Start Your Own Country, which examines the often overlooked state of the micro-nation.

    After his first love of photography met an unfortunate fate--he hated working in the dark room--Jody thankfully transitioned to filmmaking where he has worked producing the films of Guy Maddin and co-directing numerous projects with Isabella Rossellini over the past ten years. Most recently, Jody directed Burt’s Buzz, a dazzling documentary profile of the idiosyncratic Burt Shavitz whose infamous face is on all of those Burt’s Bees beauty product labels.

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