Autumn Tarleton

  • Autumn Tarleton always has some potion-like jar of herbs in her bag and she can usually tell you what phase the moon is in. She happily wears the “hippie” tag that folks bestow upon her and is a proud Floridian, demanding that the state’s natural beauty should outweigh its oft-negative headlines about its crazy citizenry. (Actually, her screenplay Sundowners finds itself nestled comfortably in between those two Floridas.) She started ballet at age five where she learned to see the art as a form of storytelling combining choreography, music, tone and personal performance--the elements she later came to love in filmmaking. A transparent Libra, Autumn sways between the crazed world of production and the life of a flâneur pretty effortlessly and is always planning her next project. Up next, she’ll be collaborating with Lauren Wolkstein on their shared crystal vision: the Wild Heart web series.
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