Ed Lachman

  • Ed Lachman cut his teeth in the documentary world shooting cinéma vérité films with the Maysles Brothers and working with Wim Wenders to create his diary on film about Yasujiro Ozu. His nonfiction background informs his work in the narrative world, where Ed lights space rather than subject. It is his innate ability to meld fact with fiction that has seen him collaborate with Larry Clark and Ulrich Seidl, two narrative filmmakers notoriously known for their documentary aesthetic.

    Perennially clad in his black hat and vest, Ed easily oscillates between the worlds of art, cinema and photography. His next achievement will come to him in the form of the 2015 Marburg Camera Award for his contributions to the visual culture at large. It’s the first time the award will be given to an American. Fancy that.

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