Don Faller

  • Don Faller is the guy that you call if your computer stops working. His father was an engineer and it’s that genetic insight--and his resounding drive to understand how EVERYTHING works--that makes him a bonafide producer. He knows how to make all the parts (of any production) work together.

    Back in the day he frequented all the punk shows in downtown Manhattan when it was still cool. You know, in the 1980s. He has since returned to his home state of New Jersey where he now lives in a lovely Victorian home with more foliage and animals per square foot than you can shake a stick at. He is so close to New York City that he beats most of his Brooklynite colleagues home after a night out. Don’s CV is so long that he’d rather not talk about it but instead he would love to bend your ear on transcending biology, Alan Watts or the inner workings of his Ducati motorcycle.

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