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Don Faller

Don Faller’s production odyssey began with “Don Kirschner’s Rock Concert” TV series and sped through the world of commercials at the world’s leading advertising agencies. In 1997 he returned to music videos as head of production at Notorious Pictures. In January of 2002 Don established doublewide media to create documentaries, web content, and advertising.

At doublewide, Don has produced many documentaries, including “Life for a Child” and “In the Hearts of Africa”, about about children suffering from diabeties in Nepal and the Democratic Republic of Congo, as well as “The Excellent Theopolis”, Tracy McGrady’s “3 Points” and, most recently, “Windfall”.

Don collaborated with Director Ed Lachman to create “Cell Stories” for Motorola, and GQ Magazine developed its “GQ RULES” web series with doublewide, which was
nominated by the Webby Awards for three consecutive years receiving Official Honoree for outstanding caliber of online film twice. Doublewide received another Webby
nomination for work on “Encyclopedia of Life,” a visualization of a web site with a page for every creature on earth. Isabella Rossellini brought her comic web series “Green Porno” to doublewide and received Webbies for best performance and experimental film.

Don entered fine arts media by producing Laurie Simons’ “Music of Regret” which was purchased for the permanent collections of The Museum of Modern Art and the Tate in London. Doublewide also produced the Slater Bradley/Ed Lachman collaboration “Dark Blood: River Phoenix” part of Slater’s Doppelganger series of art media. This project premiered at the Whitney Museum in 2010.


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