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Autumn Tarleton & Stacey Foster

Accomplished double wide producer Autumn Tarleton and double wide Emmy winning editor Stacey Foster are moving into the director’s chair with the co-direction of The Dumpster Project, a documentary about Mac Premo’s public art piece that features his beloved collection of “junk” and was last shown at Art Basel Miami Beach. A work about the struggles of the creative process, The Dumpster Project is currently in post-production.

Autumn and Stacey’s producing and editing credits for double wide, respectively, include the Isabella Rossellini Sundance hit, Animals Distract Me, and the Webby Award winning series GQ Rules for GQ magazine’s online programming, and Made Possible’s web series Men at Work, which has been released to YouTube and blip.tv.

In addition to these credits, Autumn produced Windfall, a documentary that explores a small town’s struggles with industrial wind turbine development, which premiered at the Toronto Film Festival and has a theatrical release set for February 2012. Autumn has also produced In the Hearts of Africa, a film about children with diabetes in the Congo through Eli Lilly & Co. Stacey’s additional editorial works include the spot Art Walk ‘09 which earned her an Emmy and Isabella Rossellini’s Webby award winning series Green Porno and Seduce Me. The duo are currently in development on a comedic web series.


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